We are designing and manufacturing for our customers ice coverings according to their demands. Mostly light weight panels in all dimensions consisting out of honeycomb cores combined with a large selection of plastics-, metal or wooden coverings offer the best handling solutions with a slot and key mounting device for any ice skating hall carrying temporarily up to 40t trucks. Several options of ice coverings are available depending on technical requests or budgets. Delivery times up to 3 months!

Important: All our panels are equipped with poured resin edges out of polyurethane elastomers providing total resistance against any water penetration. Some of our proposals offer the maximum performance by means of an all around pouring of polyurethane over the total of the panel. This procedure and MPC-know how applied are reason for our longlasting and top quality panel performance in ice covering over years and this in every respect. However we are in comparison to the most competitors for technical reasons rather higher in price. All options equipped with interlocking systems! All colors or textures on request!


MPC-I (carrying 10 t/m2)

Surface laminate parquet sheeting materials, bottom insulated by a polyethylene foam! panel thickness 50 mm
sizes 1,3x1 m.
weight 22 kgs/m2
price ex. works Sfr. 220.-

MPC-II (carrying 10 t/2m2)

Surface laminate parquet or poured polyurethane elastomers. Harder and softer surfaces allow the customer to use the panels on both sides, e.g. sports surfaceing combined with second hard surfaces for concerts or exhibitions etc!
sizes on request
weight 31 kgs/m2
price ex. works Sfr. 280.-/m2

MPC-III (carrying 10 t/m2)

Panels fully surrounded by elastomers Shore A 80-95°, foam core insulation out of PS or PU including metal- or PE reinforcements sizes on request
weight 13-28 kgs/m2
price Sfr. 125.- (PE reinforcement)
Sfr. 155.- (steel reinforcement)

MPC-IV (carrying EC-283 norm 5 t/wheel)

All around PU-coatings hardnesses on request combined with plastic honeycomb cores and OSB top panels or foamed PU insulation cores including weight supports sizes on request weight 20 kgs/m2 thickness 50 mm
24 kgs/m2 thickness 65 mm
price ex. works Sfr. 133.- (50 mm)
Sfr. 145.- (65 mm)

MPC-Unitile (low cost option)

Recycling panels out of old PVC-electric cables manufactured by injection moulding and black color only. Several surface textures or flat panels available combined with an interlocking system.
Option no. 110 flat 1200x800x10 mm for gluing to the existing floor
no. 115 textured round shaped 1200x800x20 mm
no. 117 textured 1200x800x10 mm

price all options ex. works Sfr. 70.--/m2 supplied on normal paletts 2 comp. adhesive Unibond-402, black, 1 kg/m2 Sfr. 8.- (drum 250 kg)